quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

And then one day...

"Mulher Sentada"  by Pablo Picasso

And then one day
Her life which was
Bright and gay
Turned into
Pale gray.

It all happened
In the month of May
Whereas the right day
She couldn’t say...

Many nights
She cried
Herself to sleep
For a guy
That she couldn’t keep.

She’s already seen
Many, many years go by
So she keeps
Wondering why…

And now that
Her kids have grown
There’s no one
She can call her own.


neli araujo

Um comentário:

Anita disse...

A vida é uma maravilha para todos aqueles que sabem viver e conhecem o verdadeiro pulsar da vida eterna que jamais se acaba.

Uma quinta feira maravilhosa cheia de bençãos.
Fica bem. Fica com Deus.
Anita (amor fraternal)